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Streaming Media

Streaming media adoption is growing rapidly, both in the enterprise market, where Unified Communication and video-conferencing is being adopted to leverage resources and opportunities, as well as the consumer market, where users are accessing online music, videos, shopping, games and social networks.

In this environment, it becomes imperative to integrate the power of streaming media into software products. Developing these streaming media applications throws up a number of challenges:

  • Multiplicity of standards and devices.
  • Consumers’ expectations of high standards of fidelity and speed.
  • Management of large volumes of data for effective utilization.
  • Need for extremely robust end products.

To manage these challenges, you need a product development partner who has the experience of working with early stage product engineering, ensures high quality and offers structured engagements. GS Lab offers all these and takes care of end-to-end product development, support, QA (functional and performance testing) and test automation.

We work as your product development partner for building components in the area of multimedia streaming over IP. This involves stream processing (Muxing/ Demuxing, transcoding, metadata processing etc.), transmitting (SIP, H323, RTP, IGMP etc.) and consuming (recorder, player, search etc.).

Some of the work we are doing includes engineering recording and telepresence components for leading video conferencing vendors. We have also worked with video advertising and distribution solution providers for stream conversion and processing metadata. We have a strong track record in the development and QA of Softswitch and media gateway.

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