The Story of GS LAB

GS Lab started in 2003, but the story began a long long time ago. Before GS Lab, all its execs were in risky businesses. Shridhar Shukla - an early OPD proponent, Sunil Gaitonde - a serial entrepreneur in the US, Atul Narkhede - into product start-ups, Ajit Bhale - staying calm in critical customer situations, and Ajit Patwardhan flying MIGs!
Planets align, stars sparkle and Sunil Gaitonde and Shridhar Shukla get some space, the company is formed - August 27, 2003!
We were thinking big, wanted to build great software products, and achieve "growth through incubation". And the Great Software Laboratory was born.
Over the years, we worked as development partners for a number of product companies, many of them leaders in their space, as well as startups. We evolved to become their engineering and development partners, so that we now contribute to their product and innovation roadmaps.We decided to invest in technology assets that would give our customers an edge, which is what keeps our lab busy

And the fun ride continues.
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