Senior Software Engineer/ Lead Software Engineer- Performance Engineering  
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Experience Level : 5-10

Must have skills :
  • Solid PE fundamentals and systems knowledge
  • Experience with Performance Evaluation and Characterization: Load, Stress, and Scalability Testing
  • Experience with load generation tools (including OSS tools like JMeter, Gatling, Grinder, ApacheBench etc. and LoadRunner, NeoLoad, IBM RPT etc.)
  • Experience with s/w optimization using tracing/ profiling tools, tuning/ tweaking configuration for web servers, databases, tpc etc.
  • Experience with monitoring tools (APMs, profilers, Fiddler, Wireshark etc.)
  • Scripting for data analysis, data visualization with – R/ Python/Ruby/Perl etc.

Desired to have :

  • Experience developing/ monitoring/ tuning scalable systems with Java, Hadoop, Spark etc.
  • Unix/Linux/ Solaris and Windows Operating Systems
  • Web application or database tuning, optimization experience is a plus
  • Capacity planning, Modeling & simulation

Position Description :

  • Analyze performance requirements, workload modeling. Design and implement test strategies and plans to measure, predict and improve performance, scalability and reliability.
  • Compile performance benchmarking results and share with Engineering team.
  • Work independently and/ or with development teams to identify and fix performance problems.
  • Develop, Extend and maintain performance test and analysis frameworks, scripts, tools.

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