Technical Manager for Cloud Infrastructure Services (CIS)  
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Experience Level : 10-15

Must have skills :
  • Must have technical hands-on: Java/ J2EE or C/C++
  • A Senior person who has worked on a Techno-Managerial role
  • A solid computer science background
  • A solid background on requirement capture, analysis, architecture, design, development, testing and automation of software products
  • Worked on the projects and products involved into the areas of Networking, Virtualization and Cloud
  • Knowledge of open source technologies
  • Experience working for US start-ups

Work Description :

  • Manage multiple projects from all aspects (People, Technology and Customer)

Position Description :

  • On Technology side: Expected to manage only few (preferably one) projects. Technical involvement (sometime hands on) is desired
  • Expected to have detailed technical discussions internally or with prospects
  • Expected to visualize technically, aspects of account growth and single handedly drive them with Customers, should do in collaboration
  • Expected to begin a technology area expert/SME or being able to predict trends and also technically advice juniors on careers
  • Expected to participate into pre-sales from technology point of view and also start a new project with bunch of engineers
  • Expected to contribute residual knowledge and tools to the GS Lab knowledge base.Thought leadership at an idea generation level
  • Expected to have high level domain understanding and drive teams. Also required to have good Product understanding + domain focus within team
  • On Customer and Business side: Interact with the customers on a regular basis to understand priorities, future plans, product road map, current concerns, plans for growth, and contributing to customer success
  • Work with them to do business in the manner that GS Lab prefers (processes, schedules, planning, etc.)
  • Intelligence gathering and incremental business development within or around the customer account
  • Deliverable: Lead and manage the project to produce predictable results, with known schedules and deliverables as planned with the customer
  • Lead the engineers in the team and communicate with customer personnel to meet on-time product releases with the expected quality
  • Communicate across project teams, customers, and top management
  • Allocate work; arrive at priorities in presence of changing product plans, and set priorities based on technical understanding of the product
  • Identify risks and minimize them through technical expertise, clear communication, and acquisition of resources
  • Aggressively adopt and improve implementation of GS Lab best practices, including conducting project audits
  • Other responsibilities: Resolve conflicts, practice GS Lab’s delivery processes to get the best out of team members, and provide guidance
  • Define growth path for team members, motivating them, and developing them in all aspects of their professional persona. Carry out goal setting and performance management processes for team members
  • Demonstrate an understanding of and implement GS Lab HR practices
  • Hiring and creating the appropriate hierarchy within the group including own
  • Oversee the Training and Mentoring

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