Senior Software Engineer/Lead Software Engineer- Backend & Frontend  
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Experience Level : 3-9

Must have skills :
  • Core Java, Object oriented design concepts, Usage of Design patterns
  • Java centric Web application development experience using frameworks like Jersey, Spring, Struts, Dropwizard, etc
  • Experience with working with at least 1 client side JS framework like AngularJS, Ember, etc.
  • Experience with working with Data streaming frameworks like Apache Storm, Apache Flink, Apache Spark will be a plus

Position Description :

  • The candidate will take complete ownership of a Customer's project in terms of Technology, Delivery and Team management
  • The candidate will ensure that Architecture, design, code reviews happen regularly within the team and will be expected to provide relevant inputs for these
  • The candidate will be expected to mentor juniors within the team for technical and other project related aspects
  • The candidate will be expected to assume overall responsibility of the Customer's project

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