Senior Software Engineer/ Lead Software engineer- Devops  
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Experience Level : 3-8

Must have skills :
  • Experience with system, orchestration & deployment of Cloud infrastructure
  • Experience with Openstack & AWS infrastructure
  • Experience using Mesos/Marathon and Consul on production systems
  • Extensive and in depth knowledge of Docker and LxC with hands on experience
  • Good hands on knowledge on Vagrant
  • Good knowledge working with Zookeeper, etc
  • Extensive experience with configuration management and deployment tools (Ansible is a must, puppet/chef is nice to have)
  • Good knowledge of virtualization solutions (libvirt, KVM, Xen, VMware)
  • Experience with scripting languages (Python, Ruby, Bash)
  • Experience with configuring, customizing, and extending monitoring tools (ELK is a must)
  • Experience on deployment of container based applications in private or public clouds

Position Description :

  • Automate deployment of OpenStack environments using Mesos/Vagrant/Ansible and other DevOps tools
  • Research and invent new ways to improve performance, reliability and scalability of OpenStack
  • Monitoring using ELK

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