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Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is attracting tremendous attention in the technology landscape today. When the many different devices that are part of our workspace and homes, and have a microcontroller inside them, start communicating to each other, there are virtually endless possibilities and opportunities.

Product development for the IoT environment, where practically every device can be connected to the Internet, and to each other, throws up unique challenges:

  • Solutions need to span technologies such as embedded systems, networking, cloud and analytics.
  • Ensuring data security when a large number of devices of different kinds are connected.
  • Storage and analysis of the massive amounts of data that will be generated by these devices.

GS Lab is a product development partner for IoT solutions with expertise in solving these inherent problems and experience across the IoT stack:

  • Software development of IoT systems and solutions for different applications such as Wearables, Smart Homes and Smart Cities. Remote management, provisioning, monitoring and upgrading of devices such as sensors and beacons.
  • Middleware gateways which support multiple protocols to communicate with devices and enable the creation and configuration of customized workflows.
  • As shown in this schematic, end user applications analyze the data stored on the scalable back-end to derive meaningful information and insights.
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