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DevOps and OpenStack Professional Services
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For organizations that create software products or applications it is vital that deployments are predictable and provide a great customer experience. This needs development and operations to come together, and an automated and standardized approach to infrastructure deployment. This approach, called DevOps, helps to accelerate innovation and time-to-market, and enhance the quality and efficiency of deployment. A streamlined DevOps process allows development teams to focus on core business goals and feature engineering.

Creating a standardized DevOps process requires the selection and implementation of the right tools and processes. GS Lab works as your partner to streamline DevOps functions for your environment.

GS Lab has considerable experience with designing, deploying and operating OpenStack private clouds. We customize the OpenStack private cloud for DevOps with environments and software required to carry out continuous integration, deployment, testing and monitoring.

Your Product on OpenStack: At GS Lab, we have experience with OpenStack northbound API as well as southbound API. We have helped our customers to interoperate their products with OpenStack by developing connectors based on OpenStack REST APIs and plugins to integrate virtual appliances with the OpenStack platform.


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