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Software products being developed today harness the tremendous power of technologies in the Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) spaces, to deliver breakthrough benefits to both consumers and businesses. SMAC technologies allow users to access and share information anytime, anywhere and from any device. Businesses benefit from this enhanced power to anticipate consumer needs based on the analysis of large and complex sets of disparate data, and deliver great customer experience. When you need to incorporate the power of SMAC into your products, you will find an expert partner in GS Lab.

We have the experience of developing scalable SaaS applications, hosted on data centers or cloud, for the following domains:

  • Finance (Post Trade)
  • Healthcare and Healthcare Analytics
  • eCommerce and B2B
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Energy
  • Online Marketing and Advertising
  • Monitoring Apps for distributed database
  • Mass notifications, alert and warning systems
  • IT Operations Space (Machine Learning, Analytics applications)


What we can do for you:

Social Media

We leverage our extensive experience of integration with various social media platforms, collect and analyze data and provide valuable insights for business decisions.


  • Complex applications with web front end as well as mobile apps.
  • Enterprise mobile applications that seamlessly integrate with web applications and form an integral and inseparable part of the application lifecycle.
  • Universal apps that run seamlessly across various devices.
  • Ensure smooth and polished UI effects that use mobile input gestures effectively.
  • Provide consistent app performance across resolutions.
  • Build apps that consider separate UI and input guidelines for tablet and mobile.
  • Levarage the low memory footprint of a platform effectively.
  • Devise a strategy to improve the ranking of an app on app stores.
  • Develop mobile games that give a realistic feel with the help of Cocos2D game framework and Chipmunk physics engine.


  • Build recommendation systems for problems related to consumer engagement and intelligent systems.
  • Business data mining and big data processing, analytics, reporting and insights.
  • Data representation and visualization to analyze patterns and aid decision making.
  • Expertise in building highly customizable and configurable dashboards.
  • Rich monitoring consoles/management consoles for live monitoring.
  • Streaming Analytics: Real time and near-real time analytics, monitoring and visualization for enterprise SaaS applications that generate large volumes of data.
  • Product data and insights analytics.
  • IT Infrastructure and Operations Management.
  • Solution engineering in Big Data: Hadoop and related frameworks (Map Reduce, Hive, PIG, Mahout, Spark SQL, MLLib, Yarn, HDFS).
  • ELK stack based services, log based analysis (complete and customized solution).


  • Identify the appropriate cloud vendor and platform, manage deployment and monitoring.
  • Deploy products in the cloud and enable monitoring, scaling-descaling, recovery and backup.
  • Architect and develop a cloud application using PaaS platforms and leverage the cloud infrastructure to the fullest.
  • We bring our deep knowledge of AWS’s features such as monitoring, auto-scaling, SNS (simple notification service), OpsWorks and S3 storage to your project.

Other projects include

  • Migration of SaaS Applications to Cloud.
  • Automation of setup on instances on cloud and monitoring.
  • Troubleshooting, maintenance and support of applications.
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