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1. Large meeting stress testing tool

2. Voice Traffic Management Over IP

3. Bandwidth Management and Benchmarking

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Automate and Stress Test Multimedia Applications

Automation and stress testing of heavy media applications such as audio/video conferencing and internet phone calling solutions presents unique challenges. There is a need to simulate real time scenarios to ensure scale and performance.

GS Lab has developed a streaming media test framework to automate test scenarios for conferencing systems. Multiple system interfaces such as CLI, GUI, SNMP and applications on the web, cloud and mobile can be tested with mixed scenarios. This framework enables the seamless test automation on different end points including browser, desktop and mobile devices, as well as product specific customization, and leads to approximately 40% reduction in time.

GS Lab has a specialized expertise in automation, stress testing and benchmarking products in the Real Time Multimedia space. Our product engineering experience and understanding of signaling and media processing gives us the technology edge for your QA projects.

Our QA experience spans across various applications, including:
  • Audio/Video Conferencing solutions
  • Collaboration platforms
  • Voice traffic management & bandwidth utilization
  • Bandwidth management & benchmarking

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