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Product Engineering Reimagined With Cloud

GS Lab’s cloud native engineering services help businesses innovate and reimagine their product journey through cloud transformations. We enable our customer’s product roadmap by building cloud native applications using containerization, microservices, and serverless architectures. We also help customers modernize and re-architecture core operations and technology landscape to suit cloud native based adoption strategy.

Our partnerships and expertise across major cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud, helps us overcome architecture, implementation, and operational challenges for native cloud applications.

We work across the complete lifecycle, including solution architecture deployment and infrastructure automation. Our cloud-agnostic development services can also help you build applications for any public or private cloud and help you embrace hybrid cloud strategies.

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Engeineering Performance for our customers

SaaS Engineering

Building SaaS models is never easy. The development team needs to look at numerous technology nuances to make a SaaS model agile and scalable. GS Lab’s cloud native services help you navigate through these tough decisions of multi-tenancy models, metering and costing models, deployments, and infrastructure management.

Cloud Agnostic Engineering

Build products that leverage the best of different worlds that suit your requirements. GS Lab cloud engineering teams helps product companies adopt cloud-agnostic strategies utilizing various services and pricing models. It also helps manage the complexities of cloud-agnostic architectures.


Build and deploy products faster and more securely with containerization. GS Lab’s cloud engineering team helps customers develop and transform legacy products into the containerized ecosystem and manage them.


Build products with core business logic in mind. GS Lab’s cloud engineering team helps customers implement microservices in a containerized environment. The team also helps in orchestration, monitoring, and framework development.

Serverless Architectures

Build products without worries of infrastructure. GS Lab’s cloud engineering team helps customers build products across a complete serverless stack integrating compute, application integration, and Data Store layers.

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The Cloud Cost Optimization – eBook

A complete guide to reduce your cloud cost. The eBook shares best practices for Cloud cost optimization and links to essential resources all in one place.

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