Docker Contributions

Docker is a most popular containerization technology. It’s a tool that makes it easier to build, ship and run applications by using containers.

We have contributed towards Docker NFS volumes & Docker-engine and build a Docker Connector for MuleSoft.

Docker NFS & Docker-engine Contributions

We have done feature request implementations in area of Docker NFS volumes and Bug fixes in various components for docker-engine such as CLI, API, Volumes etc. We have helped improve Docker’s documentation pages to reflect latest and correct information testing experimental features of Docker and suggest improvements by filing issues.

Project Details

Date: 16th Oct 2016


Docker Connector for MuleSoft

The Anypoint Connector for Docker is built using Docker Java API client. It is a communication tool that provides seamless integration with the Docker engine from a mule flow. It exposes Docker operations by executing API calls as per configuration. It supports HTTP and HTTPS connections and can be used as an inbound or as an outbound connector from the mule flow.

Contributors to Docker Projects

Nagnath Sawant
Niranjan Joshi
Milind Chawre
Dattatraya Kumbhar
Bhumika Bayani

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