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Reshaping The Work Ecosystem Into A Cloud Powered Orb

GS Lab’s cloud operation services enable product companies to achieve operational excellence by optimizing performance, increasing productivity, security and compliance.

We understand the evolving needs for products at various lifecycle stages and help mitigate their infrastructure and application level requirements

Our hands-on experience in managing cloud requirements for emerging technologies like IoT, AI/ML and Data science, edge computing makes us ideal partners for managing cloud operations for our customers.

Offerings & Solution

A complete set of offerings to drive your enterprise capabilties

Capacity Planning

Depending on defined requirements, our cloud experts help businesses in Multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and public cloud capacity planning and optimization.

Disaster Recovery & Contingency Planning

We understand your cloud infrastructure and assess related risks to deploy workloads on-demand in disaster with storage and backup management system. Our Customized DRaaS offerings are delivered by utilizing our key partnerships with Microsoft, AWS, Azure, GCP, along with end to end managed services

Cost Optimization & Governance

We help you define Cloud Governance framework that helps in gaining clarity and compliant processes while avoiding budget overruns and delay in release to market

DevOps & SecOps

Our expertise helps you adopt the agile methodology and implement continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline for your application. Our DevOps services and solutions not only implement DevOps best practices but also adhere to baseline SecOps.

Debugging and troubleshooting

We monitor all layers of a deployment from containers to services, debugging critical live production systems, detailed RCA of bugs, setting up Dashboards and quick reporting to management and engineering teams.


Channeling Productivity Through Cost Optimization


A complete suite for AWS & Azure cost management and governance. CloudGain’s Cost Optimization Tool provides rich analytics and deep visibility of your AWS & Azure account. The tool helps identify unexpected, underutilized & unused cloud resources and includes remediation suggestions, spending alerts & reports to realize cost savings for its customers immediately.

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The Cloud Cost Optimization – eBook

A complete guide to reduce your cloud cost. The eBook shares best practices for Cloud cost optimization and links to essential resources all in one place.

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